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What is Film Brighton?

Film Brighton is a Community Interest Company (CIC) set up to get more feature films made in Brighton & Hove.

Film in this area has seen a dramatic underinvestment. No one has been helping the filmmakers of the city. But that is all about to change as we are here to help ourselves and give a major boost to the film industry of Brighton & Hove.

One of the main activities of Film Brighton is operating the Micro-Features Scheme. Under this scheme five groups of filmmakers will each be awarded £10,000 to make a feature film. Each group must deliver a completed film in an 18 month period following the award.

What are the films selected for year one of Micro-Features?

The five films are; The People's Republic (Deborah Espect), Vindication Swim (Elliot Hasler), High Water (Ewan Gorman, Phil Williams), This Way For the Gas (Bill Smith) and our Youth Project 2019. Please see our Projects Page for more details.

The films will all be shot in Brighton using a Brighton crew, and so will provide employment for film professionals in the area.

£10,000, how can you make a feature film with that?

This is the minimum budget, not the maximum. Each team of filmmakers has a track record for making good quality films on very small budgets. Resources and expertise will also be shared between the teams. Film Brighton are also seeking studio space, in which to build sets.


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