This Way for the Gas


GENRE: Drama/Comedy


This Way For The Gas tells two overlapping stories but they are essentially the same. Two islands of sanity in an ocean of intolerance and the way the characters act, you could say insanity!

Two stories of love in a cold world, two great and romantic stories. The Essentialist Club in pre-war Poland (which led to existentialism in Paris) where bohemian artists lived underground with their own university and clubs when the Nazis imposed a rule saying ‘no cabarets, no theatre, no speaking Polish, no schools, no universities, no music’.

The end for most of the bright and the beautiful was the gas chambers and the song This Way For The Gas comes from there!
This story is an incredible love story against insuperable jackboot odds. But this people’s opera is an untold inspirational story with the best Polish tango music as the soundtrack.

The parallel story is a modern love story – The Timbuktu Girls… a lesbian African Muslim band and their story as refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. Again lovers forced underground, up against a state that pays lip service to highbrow culture while crushing the brightest and the most beautiful.

A story of love in a cruel world… and that world is NOW. You could say that Le Pen has provoked my pen!

This film will be made using all young actors and the parallels between the nineteen forties in Poland for Jews and Gays and Roma and Tango Lovers and 2020 for Muslims, Lesbians, LGBT+, rappers and for everyone who wants to live and let live!

It is a story that has been written by Latest Bill aka Bill Smith and the rapper Eminemmylou aka Angi Mariani with the cooperation and the words of two Nobel prize winning authors, Elie Wiesel and Czeslaw Milosz, as well as genocide survivors.